Last Night’s Dinner with an Egg Stuck in it


  • 3 cups leftover dinner (chop up anything that doesn’t have a goopy consistency.
  • 1/4 cup homemade stock or 2-3 frozen stock cubes.
  • egg.
  • a good glug of olive oil.
  • sea salt.


1. Heat leftovers in a skillet or a small saucepan with a little stock. Once hot and bubbling, create a divot in the middle of the mixture and crack in your egg. Cover (with a plate or lid), then reduce the heat and cook until the egg is set. Remove from the heat, pour over the olive oil and season with salt.


Tips from Sarah:

  • If you need to thicken a stew or soup, add 1/3 cup grated sweet potato or 1-2 teaspoons of chia seeds
  • I add a small handful of peas: I believe a pea can improve most things
  • Don’t be scared of food poisoning: simply get the meal to a fridge within 2 hours, and keep it there for no more than 4 days before eating. Oh, and reheat it in the microwave for at least 2 minutes until its steaming hot (above 75 degrees)